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By browsing, joining and/or participating in the Massage Club website,, you agree to the following terms, any violation will terminate your profile/account without notice:  

  • I am at least 21 years old.
  • I am accessing this site of my own free will and for my own personal entertainment only.
  • If you are in the United States Armed forces do not create a profile. If you choose to make a profile, be sure you can not be identify from any information in your profile name, city, state, age, email address, comments section text, photos posted or even computer IP address from which you check the website.  You could be discharged from the U.S. Armed forces under the "Don't Ask Don't Tell" law if your profile is found and link back to you. We do not wish to have anyone removed from duty by association with members on our website. We only wish to caution you about this issue.
  • I will not post any photos or material depicting any sexual act with any object or life form.
  • I am not violating any law of my city, town, state, province or nation by accessing this web site.
  • Each time I enter this site, I release, indemnify and hold harmless the providers, owners, models and creators of this site from any and all liability arising from my use of this site.
  • I understand this site contains material that may be considered objectionable.
  • I will not pass any information contained herein to Minors or to anyone who would find such images offensive.
  • All images I uploaded to this site may not show any person's image, in part or whole, who is under the age of 21.
  • All images I upload onto the site are images of my own personal self and no other person or persons can be in the photo.
  • I will not impersonate any person or entity while using this web site
  • I will post one photo as my main profile photo that has my face visible and in clear view.
  • I will access the site and trade massage with a member at least once every three months.
  • Each person will only create and maintain one (1) profile on the system.  If more than one profile is found on the system for the same person, all the profiles for that person will be locked out.
  • I will not Spam any user(s) of this site for any reason.
  • I will not upload, post or otherwise transmit any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other proprietary rights of any party.
  • While we do not and cannot review all items posted on the website, we reserve the right to monitor all information, advertisements, pictures and communications for acceptability.
  • I will not solicit, advertise or offer any services or request financial support from my postings or account profile information while using this site.
  • I affirm, under penalty of perjury that I am not acting as an agent or attorney for any other person, including any government, governmental agency or branch, law enforcement agency, or military agency or branch.
  • I understand that using the web site (system or services provided) to threaten or harass individuals or groups (via verbal or electronic form) is illegal and your profile will be removed without notice.
  • I understand any information presented on this site could be false and has not been verified to be true.
  • If I choose to communicate or meet any person(s) from information provided by this web site, I do so on my own behalf and hold harmless the providers, owners, and creators of this site from any and all liability arising from my actions.
  • I will ensure that any information, advertisements, pictures or communications I post on this website do not contravene any criminal or other laws relating to obscenity, pornography, child pornography.
  • I understand and agree that the Massage Club web masters reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • I understand and agree that the Massage Club web masters may modify these terms without notice.
  • I understand and agree the Massage Club is a free service, should I choose to donate money to support The Massage Club site, in this action creates no contract or agreement of present or future services with the Massage Club.
  • I understand and agree that by posting my photos or profile content to the Massage Club, that it is an open system to the general public and viewable by anyone with access to the Internet.
  • I understand and agree that content (photos, profile or HTML code) served on the Massage Club, can be copied by anyone using standard browser tools. The Massage Club has no control over unscrupulous users that may copy content from the Massage Club and later modify, sell or repost content else where on the internet or to other media.
  • I understand and agree that content (photos, profile or HTML code) served on the Massage Club, can be copied by anyone using standard browser tools. The Massage Club has no control over unscrupulous users that may copy content from the Massage Club and later send this information without your knowledge to anyone or anyplace including but not limited to your: friends, family members, school, place of work, employer or coworkers.
  • I will not download content from the Massage Club for the sole purpose of reposting content to another media.  This includes reposting content stored within local browser cache. Anyone violating this may have his or her IP address forward to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).
  • I understand and agree that all photos posted to my profile must be original photo scans and not altered, modified, colorized or added enhanced filter affects made to photo images.  Recropping or resizing images is allowed.
  • Art work, cartoons, altered photos images, non-photo images posted to a profile is not allow and profile will be removed without notice.
  • Any profile with blank comment field is subject to be locked without notice.
  • Any profile with less than three photos posted of profile owner is subject to being locked without notice.
  • I understand and agree that all photos uploaded to my profile must be current photos of myself and not taken more than 3 years from day of upload to this web site.
  • You represent and warrant to us that any persons depicted on a profile under your control are over 21 years of age and that you will not depict any person as being under 21 years of age. You will ensure that any information, advertisements, pictures or communications you post on a profile do not contravene any criminal or other laws relating to obscenity, pornography, child pornography, or otherwise;
  • Any profile not meeting any part of these terms of usage is subject to being locked.
  • All profile content presented: images, text or URL links are not moderated or reviewed. All content in each user's profile is the opinion of the profile holder only.  Profile comments are solely the opinion of the profile holder and are not the opinions of the Massage Club, the Massage Club owners, staff or advertisers.
  • Any web link: URL, graphic or text that takes you off this web site, are web sites not under our control. We cannot be held responsible for actions, claims, or material (images or text) that are present on any third party web site link you may follow off this web site.
  • You may report a profile that you feel needs further attention due to content shown. Press the "Report an issue with this profile?" button located on the bottom of the profile page. Enter your comments as to why you feel this profile needs review by our staff.

    Profile Disputes:

    Should any profile data be suggested by any party to be false; images, links or content that is stated to be owned by another party.  In an attempt to resolve the issue both parties must submit valid state photo driver's license or a photo with a national newspaper in photo (USA Today, WSJ or New York Times) with them self within photo holding paper, e-mail proof to the Webmaster. We regret there are Internet users that post photos that misrepresent themselves as someone else. We try to be fair, but whichever party provides The Massage Club the most positive proof of ownership, will keep the account open. If dispute is not resolved in this manner and parties still complain, we have no choice, but to close all parties accounts involved in each dispute. Either way, everyone looses because someone in the end will not be happy.

    Spam and Virus Emails:
  • I understand and agree that by placing my email address in my profile and by making it publicly available, anyone may send me unsolicited email or add my email to third party mailing lists to send Spam without my knowledge.
  • I understand and agree that by making my email address publicly available that anyone with a virus-infected computer could send email with my email address without my consent.
  • The Massage Club strongly suggest you keep a self updating virus check software package running on your computer to protect your computer from computer viruses.  We the webmasters of The Massage Club have received many virus infected emails from users who have virus infected computers. Many of these virus emails have 'from' and 'to' addresses as coming from domain, which is not true.  Before sending the webmasters flame mail that you have a Spam or virus email from us, check the email header, you will find the email did not originate from The Massage Club mail server IP address, but from another computer that is virus infected.   

  • Feature Photos- The Massage Club software and it's webmasters reserves the right to block any feature profile for any reason without notice If photos fail to meet the terms of this website, no refund will be given.
  • Post URL links from your Massage Club profile on other websites or Internet ISP. We caution profile owners to take care and to read all Terms of Usage documents on any website or Internet ISP, before you post a URL back to the Massage Club profile. Some ISP's/website's do not allow URL links to external adult content sites. You maybe in violation of the website/ISP Terms of Service and your access to that site could be deleted by the owning ISP. Example: AOL has a very strong stance against any adult content linked in their profile or systems.
  • The Massage Club Website Services: All website services are not moderated. You are using these services for your own personal entertainment only.  All website services should not be used by emergency personal for any communication.  Activity such as sharing computer id/passwords, financial information, credit card information, banking information, Spam, hacking, solicitation or drug related communications is forbidden. We strongly suggest you never give out any financial, personal information or information that could allow someone to locate your home, place of business or your current location while using any services. By providing this type of information while using these services to another is done at your own risk.
  • Member disputes:You are solely responsible for your interactions with other visitors or profile holders. The Massage Club, reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor and/or mediate disputes between you and other Members.

    Legal Actions: By your viewing or by any use of this site, you agree to wave all court legal action and be bound to arbitration to be held in San Francisco, California Office's of American Arbitration Association.

    Minimum Profile Photo Count:
    All profiles must have a minimum of 3 current photos (of the profile holder) to stay as an active profile.  Any profile found with less than three photos is subject to being locked out or delete from the system without notice.

    Unacceptable Photos
    Any photos showing any of the following: any minor (less than 21 years of age - in a photo regardless of photo setting (this includes you in the 5th grade class photo or a family photo at Disney World with children in the background), any sexual act regardless of who or what is having sex in the photo, showing any legal or illegal drug use, display of firearms, display of violent acts to one self or other persons(s) or animal(s).

    Hate Speech:
    I agree not to post hate speech in my profile, the message board, the calander or while using any service provided by this website. I will not use "ethnic slurs, personal insults, obscenity, etc." and that I will "show proper consideration" for "topics that may be considered objectionable or inflammatory - such as politics and religion." We the webmasters feel hate speech towards any person, persons or groups is not the focus of our website. If you feel the need to post hate speech, this is not the website to post too.  Such actions contrary to this policy will be cause of immediate termination of all profile access and profile locked from the site without notice.

    Site Advertisements:
    The Massage Club makes no claims, warranties or guarantee of any products and services offered by advertisement placed on our websites. Purchases or services purchased from any site advertiser are between site visitor and advertising company.  It is solely up to the purchaser to research company and it's product, return policies and claims before placing an order.

    Solicitation from profile holder on this website or from anyone on the internet:
    We strongly warn you to not enter into any verbal, handshake or written agreements/contracts with anyone you meet via this website or on the internet for personal services, business interactions, starting a business, investing in any business or join a get rich quick scheme. At no time should you exchange money by cash, bank note, check, credit card, debit card, wire transfer or exchange of real paper of value (stock, titles, bonds etc) or real property of value (jewelry, land, buildings or automobiles etc) with anyone on this website or the internet.