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Reflexology Class: Week 3 of 5


Date & time Feb 8, 05:00PM
Event ends Feb 8, 07:00PM
Creator Joe Kroll

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Joe Kroll Founding Member


Introduction to the Reflexology


Reflexology is a healing technique that works on precise reflex points on the feet. This method helps to reduce stress, relieve pain, improve bodily functions and restore the body to a better state of balance. As you work through this course, you will learn the many ways that you can use reflexology in your personal and professional life.


This is an online training course that offers members the unique ability to learn the following:

·       The history of reflexology

·       The benefits of reflexology

·       How reflexology affects the body

·       Foot reflexology

·       Reflexology techniques

·       Reflexology treatments

·       Aftercare instructions

·       Hand reflexology

·       The do’s and don’ts of reflexology


The content is separated into 5 modules. We will cover 1 module per week.

·       Module 1 : Reflexology

·       Module 2 : The Effects of Reflexology on the Body

·       Module 3 : Foot Reflexology

·       Module 4 : Foot Reflexology – The Treatment

·       Module 5 : Hand Reflexology

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